Contractor Contract Template

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You shouldnt need one . When you hire a Professional licensed and insured contractor he will provide one to you when you hire them . 

@Matthew Paul

I should need my own contracts for any contractor. If his contracts are to protect himself and team but don’t protect me the way I want to. Especially if a contractor starts a project then mid way says he needs money up front or he’s not going to finish or etc. I would like a contract in place Incase I need to take action.

@Garfield Thompson That sounds all well and good . But if you are hiring real professionals , they wont sign your agreement . And here in Maryland , by law the contractor must supply the contract with a bunch of legal stipulations the State of Md requires . Now you may find a novice contractor or "Chuck in a Truck " who may sign what you have . And naturally a contractors agreement will protect him , thats the point , to describe the work in detail , the payment schedule , and many other things . 

Contractors are businesses , you dont bring your contract to a car dealer to buy a new car , you dont write up your loan agreement when you borrow money . Dont expect a professional to sign your "contract"