Thank God for Real Estate

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I’ve been off the Bigger Pockets grid for the better part of a year and a half now. It’s nice to be back.

My world was turned upside down in 2017 when my son was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer just days before Christmas after three months of various doctors/specialist appointments while we chased the diagnosis. The great news is after 15 months of chemotherapy and a lot of prayer and positivity, Jack is now NED (No Evidence of Disease). Although there’s a 30% chance it will return in the next 18 months, we believe this nightmare is over. Regardless though, we will always be #JackStrong.

Now a full time REALTOR, flipper, wholesaler and landlord, I committed to real estate as a pillar in my financial future in 2012 when I partnered with my bestie on an out of state rental. Over the years, I picked up a handful more rental properties here and there but I really longed to flip. They make it look so easy on TV! (Kind of ironic that I now hang my license with HGTV’s Flip or Flop Atlanta brokerage – RED BaRN Real Estate.) In 2016, I turned my back on my corporate career in marketing after decades of consulting with mega clients like The Coca-Cola Company and Cox Communications and structuring deals with the likes of Live Nation,, General Mills, and more. I was really good at my work but, truthfully, it left me empty inside.

After jumping into real estate full time in 2016, I started flipping and wholesaling. After earning my real estate license in 2017, I slowed everything down when Jack’s cancer journey began, needless to say. Compared to my former consulting revenue, things were pretty baron. I was very picky about what I was willing to take on as you can imagine. Real estate ended up being a life line though. My bestie and I decided to sell that first rental property and the proceeds helped my husband and I focus on what we needed to focus on – our son’s health.

In the beginning, I looked to real estate to provide financial security down the road (ie retirement years). I never imagined the purchase of a single rental would provide the kind of security no one ever wants to need….The kind of security you need when the **** hits the fan.

I share all this as a bit of encouragement to my fellow real estate enthusiasts. Real estate can be exciting but it can also be very daunting. I get that. It’s not always easy but IT IS WORTH IT. For those of you discerning whether investing in real estate is the right thing to do, stop thinking about it. Do it. For those of you waffling, don’t. Take action. Invest in yourself. Invest in your future. You’ll be glad you did.

Beautiful story @Amy Pedersen . Thank you for sharing. It is encouraging! Wonderful news about your son's health. 

I'm in Atlanta, too (Decatur area). We are doing similar work - nice to meet you!