Florida Wholesaling Legalities

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Hello BP! I am a beginner investor in South Florida interested in wholesaling. If our intentions are made clear, we have the proper contracts, and we don't advertise with bandit signs/fb/or craigslist, are we still operating legally in FL ??

You cannot legally advertise properties for sale unless you are licensed or own them. Being an unlicensed broker is tough. There are too many hurdles and the laws are against you. I can put a property for sale and have it propagate to over 800 websites. Can you get that kind of exposure? Also, do you intend to close if you cannot find a buyer or use some fraudulent excuse to back out? What sort of insurance do you have to protect yourself? What sort of insurance is there to protect the consumer?? 

@Rita Medeiros I would love to! That is a drive for me, about an hour and a half! I am just now seeing this message and funny enough I think your meeting might be today because when I pulled Panera bread up to see how far it was you gals came right up! I would love to come. Next month I will be there!