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Both homes are tenant occupied according to the owner. I asked her what the property managers name is and she replied "carol". LOL. I am reaching out to my realtor to see if she can look into a FSBO out of state. I am hoping to focus on the BRRRR strategy, but i am hoping to find a few good deals to get started cash flowing also. rents are 500 and 600 a month.

Any advice for a FSBO deal ?

@Matthew Greubel

Questions to help define your situation... are you looking for an out of state FSBO to invest in? If so, how will your Realtor help with this?

If your Realtor isn't licensed in that state, they can't help you buy there so you need someone in the state you're interested in. Plus if you're looking for FSBO's in that location, how will you find them?

Not sure what you’re asking.  Please elaborate.