Best occupations to obtain FHA loan W/H degree

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Good evening! I am 20 years old and looking to acquire a job that can get me started on rental property house hacking. (Duplex, Tri-plex, 4 plex. ) does anyone have a recommendation of what field to get into without a college education to qualify for an FHA loan? Many thanks!

@Skylar Martinez I believe that underwriters care about the quantity of income (your annual pay) and stability (that either you're a W-2 employee or have two years earnings history as a 1099). I don't think they even care what you do (generally speaking, underwriting standards may prohibit them from lending to someone who's an illegal arms merchant, etc.). FHA makes their underwriting standards public, so I'll send those if you like. So if your question is along the lines of what the underwriter will think of your job, it's a non issue - infact source of income is a protected basis in some jurisdictions. If your question is along the lines of what job will yield the most income, that's dependent on you're skills, location, experience, etc.