I want to start investing in real estate ASAP !

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House hack!!

Buy a small multifamily property, which means that it's 2, 3 or 4 units. More is better, but go with whichever one you can make work.

Nothing that requires too much rehab, because your budget will end up being way more than you expected, and you can do that on some future project.

This will eliminate your living expenses because your tenants will be paying your mortgage, and it'll teach you how the real estate business works: finding and analyzing deals, screening and managing tenants, the business aspects of it like taxes and accounting, how to do small repairs, and lots of other stuff.

The reasons you should move in (instead of having it as an investment property you don't live in) is because you can keep an eye on things, any problems that arise are not too far away, and especially: you can put a tiny down payment on the house if it's owner occupied. That'll make your money go way farther. Put down as little as you can, and save the rest of your money for cash reserves. You will need them more than you expect.

Then since you're living for free, you can save up for your next deal - and you'll have way more credibility than the people who have no deals.