Golf Cart Use for Airbnb

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My new Airbnb is located in a town that allows the use of golf carts on the roads. I was thinking about getting one as an amenity that I could charge extra for. Has anyone ever done anything like this? Pros/Cons? Insurance considerations? TIA

That’s a neat idea.  My question would be the liability issues that come with it.  Would it be electric or gas?  What do you think you could up your rate to offset the cost?  I think given everything equal I’d take the golf cart house over one without it. 

@Eric C. my concern would be the liability. I would get an electric cart (if i get one). As for the rate, i guess that's one thing i'm hoping to get out of this discussion. I'm debating between making it an option that guests could pay extra for if they want to use it, or just raising the nightly rent and making it an available amenity. Not sure which is better or more lucrative. 

The question that pops into my mind is: is the juice worth the squeeze? Will the additional fee be worth the gas, liability, and most of all, time, to provide this service to guests. Around 40% of our guests contact us in regards to using the keyless entry (even though detailed instructions are provided before arrival), so I can only imagine how many questions would arise from a access to a vehicle that most people aren’t familiar with. 

I think it is a great idea. Instead of charging an extra fee for just using the golf cart, maybe consider just upping the price per night for your rental.  I know I would pay more if a golf cart was included!  With marketing, just be sure to include a good picture of the golf cart with the home as the cover photo and highlight the benefits of being able to use the golf cart. What area is your vacation rental in?

Unless the golf cart takes you somewhere you can't get to with a car I don't see an advantage.  For example if beach access better with a golf cart

@Ryan Ulrich There is a Golf cart, moped, and motorcycle rental place 1/2 mile from our beach vacation rentals. Next year we are going to buy a golf cart for each unit and just undercut the rental place down the road based off their rates. It will be separate from actually renting the unit so they can choose to have it or not. If they are renting from there anyways then they may as well rent from us instead and for cheaper.

Well for sure be getting electric.

Not planning on this until next February so we haven't done much research on insurances/coverages we'll need for it.