New hungry North Carolina Investor

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Hey everyone!!

I'm in NC! 

I am not sure what it is but I am having such an incredibly hard hard hard time finding serious people willing to dedicate time, sweat equity, money, effort and actually work hard to make money. Is there anyone in the triangle willing to team up and get connected?



@Jimmy Doyle Hey Jimmy! I’m an investor in the Triangle with 15 units, and did a few wholesales as well. What strategies are you pursuing (buy and hold, flips, wholesale, agent, etc)? I focus primarily on buying off market multifamily properties in Durham and Raleigh to fix up and then hold for cash flow. Would be happy to connect.

Hey @Account Closed - welcome to BP!

A bit confused by this post - sounds like you're new to investing, so my only suggestion (since you asked) is be that person! Dedicate time, hustle, money, hard work to achieving your goals and before you know it you'll be attracting those types of people. Getting started is always the toughest part, keep at it and network like crazy!

It's confusing why everyone is confused. 

Is there anyone in the triangle willing to team up and get connected?

Work together, invest together, network together.


@Jimmy Doyle I live in Durham and Invest in eastern NC. I’m always happy to meetup locally and talk real estate. Just PM me if you want to do that sometime

Jimmy, would love to connect with you. I also attend the local meet-up which is very valuable as far as networking and learning new strategies go.

Also, if anyone here knows of a GREAT Hard Money Lender in the area, I would love to speak with him/her. I've got a project I need funding for.