First Investment Property

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I’m looking for some advice from experience BP community :D

I'm currently stuck in analysis paralysis and am trying to decide which vehicle I want to use as a first investment. So far I have it narrowed down to two options that I can use. I am working on limited funds <$10,000 and am looking into the BRRRR strategy (but would need to use a hard money lender) or use a conventional FHA loan with 3.5% down payment on a duplex and house hack.

What are your experiences with both options, and what are your feelings on them for a first investment property? I am looking in the Pittsburgh area where duplexes are in the $100k-$150k range and single family homes that I would use the BRRRR strategy on range from $50k-$70k with an approximate ARV of $120k.

All input is appreciated!

@Trevor Jaworski welcome to the world of investing. I would say start with the FHA loan with 3.5% down payment on a duplex and house hack. This gives you the opportunity to be a landlord as well as possibly live for free. I dont know your current housing situation which is why i didnt suggest BRRRR. If you have the money to place down for the FHA do it. But honestly it all depends on your LONG TERM plan. I have learned that in this world it is a marathon not a sprint. Where do you want to be in 3-5 years? That is the main question. Are you going for cash flow? Trying to build wealth through equity? Lets chat.

@Trevor Jaworski I'd go FHA first then explore going the BRRRR route going forward. Get yourself living for free to eliminate that expense then you can have more reserves when you go to do the BRRRR's going forward. Even if you are planning on using OPM for the BRRRR deals, you still want to have some reserves in case it goes sideways. I'm always a proponent of house hacking if you are in a situation where you are able to for a multitude of reasons.

@Trevor Jaworski I agree with Jeremy...definitely go FHA/house hack first and then look into BRRRR later. There are lots of duplexes around the city in that 100-150 price range that will allow you to live for free or maybe even cash flow a tiny bit. This is the safer route and honestly there are probably more options as well.