*Credit Score* my credit score needs work

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*Credit Score* I just have a quick question, my credit score is around 570 looking on credit karma. But I don't have any loans or credit cards, what credit cards would you suggest in getting starting out? unsecured card preferred, and I would like to work with a bank as well. I want to be in good relations with a bank so I can use them in the Future! Thank you for taking your time to answer!

@Matthew Brouillard   - I agree with @Martin Vehlow that a good 1st step would be to shop local financial institutions.  Also, if you are on Credit Karma you will notice that they suggest cards for you to apply for and estimate your chance of success.

Just be aware that those Credit Karma scores should be taken with a grain of salt (  or a groan of exasperation).  They are notoriously imprecise.

@Matthew Brouillard credit karma is not your actual FICO score that lenders will use when evaluating your creditworthiness. If you want your accurate score, you have to go to each bureau’s website and pay for your scores, Experian, Equifax and transunion. Your real score may not be that low. The biggest part of your score is payment history so are you paying your debts on time? Your reports may have inaccuracies so check all three to make sure the info they are reporting is correct.