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Hello Everyone!

I'm new to Bigger Pockets. I am in the process of getting my real estate agents license through an online course. I have a crappy job right now and I've been here too long and have gone nowhere. In other words, I'm ready to get out of this place and make more money. I was wondering, since I am currently enrolled in courses to get my license, is there anyway I could get an unlicensed job at a real estate office to get my foot in the door like an assistant job or something along those lines? Everywhere I look online is showing jobs for only "licensed agents" and "experience required". I will be 22 years old next week and I don't have any real estate experience, as I am just now getting into this. I'm looking for somewhere that can help me learn as I go and once I get my license, become an agent and receive training. I understand I will probably have to do some calling around/emailing to find out more info, but my main question would be, is it a sought-after thing for agents/brokers to hire unlicensed help? How can I be apart of this and what firms would you recommend to receive the best knowledge and friendly training? 


@Fallon Morris Welcome to BP, and congratulations on taking steps to a happier life! 

What state are you located? The laws are different in every state. For Texas, we can have unlicensed assistants that are limited in their duties, but you can still learn a lot while you are there. Plus you are building relationships and making much needed connections. Quite honestly, when you are done with your courses, pass your exams and get your license, you have no clue how to be an agent. Learning while you work would be very helpful. 

I'm not sure what you make now, most people don't pay unlicensed assistants much...but if you are able to live on it, then win/win! I'd say find an agent with a lot of listings and ask them to lunch, do that with a couple of agents and you will find one that matches your personality and might be willing to help you's the biggest part though, you have to work hard and bring them value! You might even ask them if they'd be willing to let you be a paid licensed assistant or buyer's agent when you get your license. Some agents will even offer to help pay for your expenses (don't expect it, I wouldn't even ask about that part until you have proven yourself). 

I would suggest completely filling out your profile, you will get more interaction and people will be more willing to connect with you and help answer questions! 

Becoming an agent or a teams assistant is actually a pretty good idea.  87% of people who get their license fail out of the industry altogether.  You have a much higher chance of making it by doing exactly what you have said.

@Angie Shires  I'm located in Georgia. I noticed quickly throughout my courses that it's not going to be enough to get me ready to be a licensed agent, therefore, I would love to work as an assistant somewhere. Also, I feel like being hands on with the work and being conversationally involved in real estate will really help me understand a lot of the terms and help better prepare me for the exams. I barely live off what I make now, so anything is better than where I'm at. Thank you for the quick response!

@Fallon Morris Sounds like you've already got a pretty good plan! Keep working toward your goal and know that nothing worth having is easy. Put the work in and you'll see a reward. Good luck to you and keep us updated! 

@Fallon Morris - congrats on taking steps to become an agent, it can be a very rewarding career.

@Angie Shires & @Russell Brazil give fantastic advice. Partner up with someone successful or join a team, you'll earn more your first year than what you're making now (I'm guessing) and you'll learn a ton and what it takes to be truly successful as an agent.

I wish you all the best!

@Fallon Morris . It's a small thing - but you are looking to get into a Profession and deal with professionals. Suggest a more business like picture in your profile. 

Best of luck - It's a Great Business, and you can make fabulous money - but don't expect it to happen overnight. Maybe I'm a slow learner, but I was in my third year before I finally said to myself - I'm going to succeed in this business. 

@Jim Cummings Sorry, I didn't realize it needed to be a portrait type picture. I am 21, so I don't particularly have pictures like that for a profile, as I haven't worked anywhere yet where I've needed that type of photo. Thanks for the suggestion.

@Fallon Morris I think you missed the point @Jim Cummings was trying to make regarding a profile picture.

If you really want to be taken seriously here on BiggerPockets (and, by extension, in the greater business world), you need to include a basic photo with your profile.

It doesn't need to be professionally taken (mine certainly isn't!), but people want to know who's out there behind the keyboard. If you've got a smartphone, or a friend with a smartphone, there's no excuse for not putting up a photo.

I can pretty much guarantee you'll enjoy much better engagement and connection here once you open up and show us who you are!

@Mitch Messer No I completely understand! I did have a picture up, but I took it down shortly after when he said it needed to be more business like. It was “professionally” taken, as in I paid for the pictures (it was not a selfie or anything inappropriate), but it wasn’t me in a blazer with a plain backdrop behind me.

@Fallon Morris . @Mitch Messer

Fallon - I didn't mean to offend. I thought the picture you used was very attractive, but was more of a "Cute Girlfriend" type picture. Don't mean to sound sexist or offensive - but if I was Many Many years younger, I would be interested in knowing more about you. (Please take that as a compliment). 

My point was if you are planning on becoming a Real Estate Agent or even for Bigger Pockets, a more professional looking photo would be more appropriate. Doesn't have to be a formal "Suit & Type" ladies equivalency photo - just something that presented you in the best possible manner.  Matter of fact, if you're working in a Beach Resort area, appearing in fashionable beachwear instead of a Suit & Tie would be the appropriate uniform. 

It's a tough business, especially if you are a new agent or a young agent. Don't lose out on business because you come across as something less than a knowledgeable professional.   

Wishing you much success in the business!