First Deal Done, Thanks BP Community!

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I wanted to post a quick message to this whole community to say Thank You for all of your insights and wisdom.  I've been a member for over three years now, and finally have my first rental property up and running.  We signed the lease last night, and so far everything I've learned from this site, from its members, and from the podcast, has helped to make this a very smooth process.  Every question that potential tenants proposed to me was something I had already read about or heard on the podcast, and was able to answer.  Each question I had about financing (and refinancing!) and cashflow and equity was answered from multiple perspectives, all of which helped me determine the way I wanted to move forward.  Now my wife and I have a townhouse rented out that is cash flowing at ~$570 month.  Thank you again to everyone for all of the questions and all of the answers, for imparting knowledge and wisdom, and for being honest.  And thank you to @Brandon Turner and @David Greene and everyone involved with the podcast.  Listening in each week has kept me motivated, and without that constant motivation, I don't know that we would've gotten to this point.  Hearing so many people discuss their real estate investment paths and strategies kept me in the mindset of an investor, and that not investing was not an option.  Great work all of you.  You all have my sincere gratitude.