New investors in South-Charlotte area

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Hi everyone,

After spending a year on education, strategy and planning, we are now looking to begin investing in distressed properties in the Charlotte, NC area, with a view to fixing them up and renting them out. As such, we wanted to reach out to everyone for recommendations for especially contractors and wholesalers in the area, but also a good property management company and possible lenders would be appreciated.

We also would like to know if anyone are arranging meetups in the area, and would like to meet up for informal social networking. We are always eager to expand our network with like-minded professionals, and welcome any chance to be of assistance to others as well with anything we might be able to help with.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Welcome @Kristian Lund you will need to work hard to find a bargain in Charlotte but it can be done. As far as networking , there are dozens of meetups going on already. Go to and search "real estate investment " or better yet, go to and search for subgroups