Getting my journey started

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Hi I’m interested in investing in real estate I have no experience but I’ve been doing a lot of research and studying on the matter. I’ve been in the process to establish a decent credit score to get a investment loan. I’m looking for advice for a first time investor to invest. My goal is to make a decent profit and make my realtor happy at the same time. Any advice is welcome and greatly appreciated also one other thing how long does this process usually take ? Side note haven’t found a realtor but any references on a good one would be appreciated also ? Thanks in advance

@Glorinda Lane

. learn and know your numbers on what a decent profit is.
. on a scale realtors are happy when
  - they are paid a fee by their investor client to show properties
  - when investor actually make reasonable offers , or any offer after seeing a house with client
  - when investors know their numbers
  - when investors don't cry the blues about paying a commission
  - when investors don't ask them how much it takes to renovate a property (this is why you know your numbers)
  - when investors don't try to lower a commission at settlement because the investor miscalculated his number
  - did i mention when investors know their numbers ?

Buying an investment property can take as little as 10 minutes or as soon as you have credit score,investment money,lender,and your numbers worked out.

I could recommend a really good agent in North Bend alaska, but it might not help since you have not said where you are looking to invest