Where To Find Investors

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How do you find investors to cover your down payment or entire deal? I'm moving to ATL soon and there's a lot of good deals (apartment complexes) on the market in great areas. Even some decent fixer uppers (apartment complexes) . I already know about having a good business plan and having the details to show a potential investor. I'm just lost on where to find them, (Family and friends not an option) . Any and all HELPFUL advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Unfortunately this type of investor is incredibly rare, if you have no experience and the investor is not friend or family what would motivate someone to put their money with you.  Their next best options are invest themselves and keep all the profits which is what they do 90% of the time or partner with someone who has experience and connections with the GCs etc. and can make more profit.  Your best option as dull as it may sound is probably to save up money on your own for that first down payment.  Being in ATL it shouldn't take much especially if you are open to house hacking.