How to invest in property without being able to obtain a mortgage

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unfortunately I am not able to get a decent mortgage and therefore cannot invest into property.

Is there any other ways to invest into property, I have heard the term lease option agreement thrown round and other strategies.

Could anyone point me in the right direction, thank you.


don't worry, there are a few other ways to get money for investing.

I think it could help a lot to know why you couldn't get a decent mortgage and some generel info (e.g. Are you from the US?)

First of all, there's "seller financing" and believe me if it works it's totally awesome. Basically in this case the seller acts as the bank meaning instead of paying off your loan you instead pay the seller every month until one day the property is cometely yours. Of course, not every seller is looking for this kind of deal, some of them want the instant cash or might want a huge downpayment first.

The episode #344 is actually dedicated to seller financing!

More common way is to borrow the needed money from your relatives but this only works with smaller properties and a good family. Also if this was an option, you probably wouln't be asking here.

Lastly you can find a lender right here, on BiggerPockets! Look around in the network section. Tho, most of the prefer proven investors. 

I wish you the best of luck and I hope I could help at least a little.


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