Finding Comps SFH Bates-Hendricks Indianapolis

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Newbie here. Any Indianapolis locals have any perspective on some reasonable comps for 1820 Singleton St., Indianapolis, IN 46203?

It's in Bates-Hendricks and the property values all around the neighborhood are super variable. How do you weight various factors in terms of importance when determining the most accurate comps (beds/baths, sq footage, quality of rehab)?

Any insight is appreciated--thanks!

@Mathew Hilton

I own 1815 new st. Very close to your place. You can google and find pricing and pics. You are right about values being all over the place. 200-450.

I have a couple of rentals in bates. But I bought them years ago for pretty low compared to today prices. They are good rentals, but today finding a cash flowing rental sfh would be tough.

Good luck

Beautiful rehab on your place! 

Yeah I'm planning on doing a cash out refi and the lender is asking me to quote a ballpark valuation but it's tough with such a wide range of values in the neighborhood. We'll see what the appraiser says.

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