Did anyone start investing fresh out of high school?

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I’m still in high school, and I think I really want to do real estate when I get out. How do I get started? How do I get the money? Tips in general?

P.S. First post and idk if I’m doing something wrong or not. sorry.


Kudos on being so young and already finding doors you want to open. I started while in college so I know what it's like being young in the industry. My advice, get a job and ALWAYS make sure you have a steady income. You can dedicate a majority of your time learning REI but it's highly unlikely you will be profitable right off the bat, so be smart and keep money flowing in while you get started in REI.

When you say "I want to do real estate" what are you referring to? Do you want to be an agent? An investor? A house hacker? Another piece of advice, map out a gameplan to get started. Find the path you want to take to get involved. I knew I wanted to be a future investor, so I became an agent with aspirations of becoming an expert in the market, that was my avenue.

@Daniella Sanchez

Thank you for the advice. I want to be a agent at first, and eventually once I make enough money start investing it. I’m not entirely sure what to invest in yet, maybe multi family, or maybe single family. And I would like to use the brrrr method.