Is inspection, appraisal, real estate classes worth it

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As I Aspire to become a BRRRR investor and continue to learn and educate myself, I am looking for advice on what areas would be most helpful in my endeavors. Besides my current readings, podcasting, forums like this, and attending local meetups, I have the time and money to invest in education at this point, what would be the best educational preparation to seek between inspection courses, appraisal courses, and real estate agent courses? I was thinking of doing real estate classes in order to learn how to do comparative market analyses, access the MLS directly, etc, and inspection classes in order to have some basic knowledge when I begin walking through my homes to gauge problems and the extent of my rehabs.

I was enrolled and doing my MBA when I decided to pursue this avenue of investing instead, so the money I was paying out of pocket to cover MBA courses could instead be used towards educational content in real estate investing. So, I believe the time, money, and effort used for the MBA classes could be better used elsewhere to focus on becoming a successful investor. any advice?

@AJ Felix You don't need a certification or degree of any kind to invest.  You need a team!  I'd spend the time and energy to find the best team to help you (realtor, PM, lender, inspector, contractor).  You will learn sooo much from them in the process. AND it's a far more scalable solution to building your business.  And to take it one step further... learn to leverage other people's systems.  Cut your time to scale in HALF or more. Don't work IN the business... work ON the business :)

@Whitney Hutten So I assume by building the team that means to begin interviewing, asking around, etc? and when you say leverage other people's systems what do you mean exactly ie provide me examples please? 

Team = Realtor/Deal Finder, Lender, Property Manger, Contractor etc.  Leverage others systems = who in the team already has that all in place?  Find that rockstar, don't reinvent the wheel, incentivize the heck out of them, and take your time back