I’m just starting to learn real estate investing

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I’m new to this, just starting. Still trying to get my foot in the door. A good friend of mine who has been helping me a lot introduced me to this page and said this would be a good place to start.

I’ll tell you right now I hardly know anything about it, but I’m coming in with an open mind and open ears ready to learn.

So of my Goals:

Have my first piece of rental property by Oct. 2020

Have $20,000 saved by May 1, 2020

I look forward to meeting people and learning!

Welcome to the BP community!

Nothing but great people here that are always looking to give advice. 

Since you found this forum you should definitely start listening to podcasts and reading books. Go on Itunes or Spotify and you can find over 300+ podcasts on the BiggerPockets Podcast. 

Find and go to local REI meetups most are free. There is so much free education out there it's pretty crazy....