Utah Real Estate Course on-line?

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Is there any way, in Utah, to take Real Estate classes online and/or get my Real Estate license online? Are there Any FREE or more affordable OPTIONS as well? I'm open to flexibility or if needed, taking courses in different State online.

I'd like to do it ASAP

Stringham gives you the option to take the entire course online. I think their enrollment costs $600, but they run promos every now and then, so look for those. I’m not aware of anyone who offers the courses for free, because anyone who offers the classes has to be state certified and meet certain requirements. You might see if you could find a brokerage who is willing to pay or at least share the cost of the courses with you. 


I'm actually going through the Stringham Course right now. It's pretty nice, you can learn at your own pace and go into the school itself whenever you don't understand something and ask the teachers.