Recent Environmental Science grad looking to get into real estate

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Hey all, I recently just graduated from college as an Environmental Science major, but in my final year at university, I had become introduced to REI and like most became quickly obsessed with it. I want to build my career revolving as much of it as I can around real estate but I do not know how/where to start as an ES degree. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated, thanks!

@Sarkis Azatyan Welcome to the world of financial freedom!! As many would suggest, the best place to start is by educating yourself (reading books and listening to podcast) , learning your different options based on your current situation; I’d highly recommend the book Set For Life as this stage of your life.

As you’re learning, I’d also recommend you start talking to agents so they can send you deals which you can analyze (even if you don’t plan to put any offers just yet)

Once you’re comfortable , you can look to HouseHack a multi-family (up to 4 units).

@Ley Nezifort Thanks for replying! I've been listening to the BP podcast for the last year or so along with some other RE and financial literacy podcasts as well (>600 hours at this point), so i think i have a fairly basic understanding. I'll definitely check that book out, along with a couple other ones I've heard on the podcasts as well. 

In another way, I'm just currently attempting to find and put my foot in the door of the real estate world utilizing my educational background. 

Hi Sarkis, I have a closely related degree in cell biology as well as a degree in - wait for it - finance. Wearing my finance hat, I see tremendous value in a science degree. While the facts of the degree really don't transfer (I haven't thought about the G2 checkpoint in detail in years), studying the sciences teaches really strong analytical skills that you can put to use in sleuthing for deals and sussing out what are good deals vs wastes of resources. Think forming and testing hypotheses, just beware of analysis paralysis. I'm going to send you a connection request as I want to hear how you progress.