Book recommendations for a starter

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Hi everyone!

I’m a 23 year old graduate who recently bought her first house in Amsterdam to live in. Now I’m looking to buy my next property and to get started with investing in real estate! I’m quite overwhelmed with the amount of information online I have to say. I was wondering which books / information sources you would recommend for a starter with zero to little knowledge about this industry. I have read a lot on this forum but not everything makes sense to me yet.

I have the book poor dad rich dad at home and I just ordered the ultimate beginners guide by Brandon Turner. Looking forward to your recommendations and thankyou in advance!

@Dan Nguyen books are often worth the cost but I don't know how much time you have to read them. Lots of well known books that have been out for years have audio versions on YouTube. Every BP podcast have book recommendations. I listen to every podcast for content and recommendations then go look on YouTube to see if it's there. They're usually about 9 hours long. I usually use the audio method to learn faster. This is for general concepts only though. Once you're at the point of focusing on a specific strategy then slower paste reading may be necessary.