New investor gearing up to get started!

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Hello all! My name is RJ, and my soon to be wife is Jamie. A little about us. We are both from and grew up in Slidell, LA. Neither of us work in real estate. Her in health insurance, and I in oil and gas. We have 5 kids between us so we stay very busy. 

We are new to real estate investing and bigger pockets. I started an account here a couple years ago and right when I did life struck and had to put my plans on hold. Anyways, now things are back on track and I am gearing up to start in the coming year and wanted to just say hello and reach out to some local investors and real estate involved professionals. I have been buying books, online research, and anything else I can to better educate myself as well as getting back involved on this site. Would love to know of any REI clubs local to Slidell. Looking forward to hopefully meeting many of you.


RJ & Jamie Russell

Thanks for the shout out Brandon! Y'all come join us! We meet 2-3x per month. Next meet up is like Zazenski stated. We have another one on the 25th. If you attend one, come say hello! :)