Understanding how to Analyze deals

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Hey guys, While listening to the podcast One thing always sticks out that I’m not doing and that’s analyzing deals. I want to better understand how to analyze a deal so when one does come up I’m able to pull the trigger on it. A little background on my goal, I want to purchase a 10-20 unit apartment before I turn 27 (May 4, 2020). I’ve gone on loopnet (as I’ve heard this is where deals go to die) not necessarily looking for properties but I want to learn how to pull the numbers that are given on that property and how to analyze this deal to know if it’s a good/bad deal. What are the main characteristics/numbers I should be looking for? Some of the things I get stuck on is how can you calculate rehab cost by just looking at pictures online? Should I be reaching out to the realtor simply to ask what the estimated rehab cost is even though I have no intentions to purchase? If you can give me an example on a property you’ve purchased or just a bland example with numbers on a property just so I can have a better understanding I’d really appreciated it.

Loopnet is certainly not where deals go to die. It is the defacto commercial MLS system.

start making notes or a spreadsheet of the properties. Price per unit. Cap rates. You can figure out NOI from the asking price and cap rate.

Then go look at the properties. 

That is a start.