Risk with BRRRR vs conventional

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Can someone explain to me why the BRRRR strategy is less risky vs using a bigger down payment for a property? Or is it risk vs reward, because you can get multiple properties faster than saving alot of money for multiple properties. If you leverage every property to the 75% max and have no liquid equity, what do you do in a down turn? Ultimately if you leverage 10 properties with all 30 year mortgages, most people wouldnt be able to float those 10 payments.

If you leverage a property up to 75%, you can still sell to get your equity out. Even if the downturn is 20%, you would still be able to sell and almost be made whole after transaction costs.

There isn't a good reason (other than lack of time, perhaps) to not try to get deals that you could "BRRRR out" of if you wanted to. Whether you want to financed them up to the full 75% depends on how aggressive or conservative your strategy is.