New to real estate investing

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Hi @Joseph Taylor , you are not alone, a lot of investors are in the same boat. BP does have some great tools to help you with any mathematical equations that come your way, check the 'Tools' area above. Also, whenever you have any deals you would like calculated, but you are having problems calculating yourself, don't hesitate to post the numbers on BP. The BP community is always here to help you.

Good luck.

You don't need to memorize much. If anything look into and learn the "T" formula. Its an easy way to learn when to multiply or divide. Its used to calculate or determine Purchase price, Cap Rate, or NOI.

Learn that and you should be solid for a while.

Originally posted by @Joseph Taylor :

So I need help on the basic Math in order to be successful at real estate. Math was my worst subject In H.S. Wanna conquer This once and for all. Any suggestions thank you.

 You can take remedial math courses at the local community college. Although a finance course would probably be more appropriate for the real estate business.