New to realestate looking to invest

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Hi Charles, Full discloseure - As a real estate agent I may have a bias 

That being said I would say YES absolutely you should use a real estate agent to purchase your first home. Having a great real estate agent on your team is invaluable especially when starting out. They're in houses every day and great agents are doing 20+ transactions per year. You should leverage their experience and expertise to ensure that you're not missing anything and use their relationships to build your team. You're the one buying the house and the ownership of the analysis falls entirely on you, but a good agent will help fill in the gaps for you and provide assurance or course correct you if you start going down the wrong path.

A great agent will be able to help you negotiate a deal, provide you with referrals to great partnerships for your lender, inspector, and attorney and they'll prevent you from making costly mistakes. They'll fight for you to get you a fair deal and will more than pay for themselves throughout the transaction.

In addition Most of the time, depending on what you're looking to do, the commission for your buyers agent is already built into the pricing of the home on MLS. If you don't use and agent the listing agent will take both sides of the commission, so in many circumstances the price is the same whether you use an agent or not and the benefits of having your own agent in the fight can be huge.

That being said not all agents are created equal and even the best agents in your area may not be the Best fit for what you're looking to do. Interview at least 3 agents ask lots of questions and make sure you get an agent that will act in your best interest and isn't only thinking about the commission.

At the end of the day even if you had to pay your agent out of pocket and it wasn't priced into the price of the home they have the potential to save you Tens of Thousands of Dollars and prevent you from making a mistake on what is arguable the largest financial transaction of your life. I don't recommend practicing law with out a degree, and I don't recommend jumping into real estate without an agent on your team. 

Check out this podcast if you haven't already. I think they talk about using an agent and much more. I hope you find it helpful.

Best of luck and welcome to the exciting world of real estate!

@Charles Bruce I think you should definitely find a realtor when you are starting out, and you especially want to find one who understands investment property. I work with first time buyers all the time in the 1-4 unit space, and the best part is that they don't have to pay me... the seller does! Try your local meetups and network locally a lot as this is a local business. 

If you are looking to invest in the Tampa Bay Area, I can help you out!  Our market is HOT right now.  

Originally posted by @Charles Bruce :

Is going threw an real estate agent the best way to purchase your first home ?

 Yes absolutely. 1st time is not the time to get creative.

Awesome!  If you have any questions...Please feel free to reach out... I have been through just about every headache possible in this business!!!!  Best of Luck!