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Hello everyone!

I'm new to real estate investing and I live in the Houston, Texas area.

I'm very excited to learn about this business and would love any advice and networking opportunities that the people here are willing to offer!



Hi @Dan Linger - welcome to the community!  You'll be glad you found your way here :)

Check out the events section for local meetups or REIA meetings near you, that would be a good place to start face-to-face networking and meeting people local in your area. Good luck!

@Jake Stuttgen my short term goals will be to start with wholesaling to build capital to use for investing.

I was speaking with someone at a local REIA event last night and they mentioned the BRRRR (not sure how many R's haha) strategy which sounded like a logical next step to learn and implement.

I'm open to any advice of course and any direction people can provide!

@Dan Linger BRRRR (Buy rehab rent refinance repeat) is a great place to start and Biggerpockets has a book on the topic. I highly recommend it

Im always here to answer any questions for you!

@Dan Linger

Welcome to the BP family! Glad you joined the best real estate investing website! Here are some recommendations for you:

Find and connect with other BP members that are in your area:
Set up keyword alerts to be notified of the topics that interest you:
Read Beginner’s Guide:
Check out BP Podcasts:

Wishing you the best!

@Dan Linger , welcome! I gotta second the BP BRRRR book that @Jake Stuttgen suggested- I'm reading through it right now and it is jam packed full of awesome information and tips like why BRRRR, about each step of BRRRR, and building your team.  

Consider the house hacking approach as well once you get the capital. It can be very versatile and work with SFH and small multifamilies. Maybe even do a BRRRRouse hack! Good luck!

@Dan Linger Welcome, Dan! I echo what many members here are saying. Read, educate yourself, and most importantly get out there and take action. Going to local REIA meetups are great to network and talk out strategies and hurdles with fellow goal oriented people.

If the whispers of cash returns of Detroit ever call your name, feel free to get in touch. I'd be happy to help. Working with out-of-state investors is something I've happily stumbled upon.

All the best!

@Dan Linger

Hey Dan,

Welcome to BP! You just found the jackpot for REI. They have a lot of podcasts, webinars, materials etc. they have it all here. I am also new I have yet to attend my first meetup here in Houston to start networking, but have found a few places. Stay dry out there.