The best way to find an mentor ?

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@Charles Bruce

attend REI meetups in your area. search terms like "REI" and "Real Estate" on meetup and then join a few, start attending their events.

The meetup algorithm will suggest similar others, and over time as you attend several over, say, the next few months, you'll find a few that you really connect with and will be in your permanent rotation.

Network at each event, and when you meet "doers" (pros who make money actually doing deals in your area), ask them if they ever "coach" (maybe not the first time you meet them, but after they've seen your serious attending a few meetings).

This is a good way to ask because coaching in REI circles usually implies "paid". With that one word "coach", you're asking if you can pay them a fee to help them out in whatever way they have in mind, while also expressing that you're open to paying a fee, and bringing other value to the coach in a participatory way.

Find your local Landlord Association, get an invitation to their next meeting.  If more than one, visit them all.  Look at their meeting schedule and topics covered.  If one seems a fit, join. 

You'll have plenty of mentors who are experienced (experience is what you get when you don't get what you want) in your local market with several who started  with the same or similar ideas as you are.  Additionally you will get exposure to lawyers, vendors etc. who make presentations on the various problems we face and how they solve them.  The coffee and donuts are covered in your dues.

@Charles Bruce I find that there are two ways to find one.

You can pay someone who knows what they’re doing to mentor you.

Or you can make a list of things that you’re good at, see how things can help someone else and then email/call a bunch of potential mentors and offer your services/expertise in exchange for mentorship.

I personally went w the second one and have been trading my photography/videography skills for mentorship. It’s a win win for everyone. My mentors are getting quality content for social media while I’m learning the in and outs of REÍ.

Hope that helps

Get your name out go to places investors hang out ask around . I’m in the boonies and they are around! There’s a few guys killing it with some awesome strategies not talked about on here I’ve found . It’s like trying to find a girlfriend.. They won’t be knocking on your door so you gotta get out