Can someone help? Acronyms and formulas

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I've searched a few terms, to try to get a better understanding of all this and how to better understand my numbers and to calculate things appropriately.

But a few of the posts that I came across, had the formulas/calculation responses deleted (by an admin/moderator?). Is that because they want you to pay for a plus/pro/premium membership? I'm just looking to try to work out some of the number myself, but there are sooooooooooo many acronyms/terms, it's hard to keep up with what their meanings are and how you calculate their values and how they relate to the overall picture. It's difficult to find anywhere that gives you clear cut thresholds for what's good and what to avoid (from experienced people's, personal experiences). Like, is 8% cash-on-cash ROI good? I'd like percentages and formulas of what is good and what to avoid to minimize risk. I don't know where to draw the line to give yourself the buffer that you'd need, to be investing wisely, with some equity built in. I'd love to start analyzing, but I just have a bunch of data, with no idea how they correlate or what their minimal percentage thresholds are or how to calculate them. Am I the only one lost here?





Cap Rate


2% Rule

Operating Expenses


I know I'm probably missing 50+ terms, because I can't remember them all. I wish there was a GLOSSARY of terms, their meanings, and the formulas/calculations. Any and all help is appreciated!

Get the book "What Every Investor Needs To Know About Cash Flow" by Frank Gallinelli. It has all the formulas you will ever need. It is a MUST for your RE library.