Getting started Real Estate College

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I am currently 25. I am finishing my undergrad in history within the next few semesters. Right after I graduate with I am planning on doing my teaching credentials. I am planning on ultimately teaching either grade school or college. I am also going to eventually enroll in an online master’s program for theology. 

As of right now I have about $6000 saved up with about $5000 invested in 401k, Roth IRA and some general investment accounts overall.

As of right now the only exposure to real estate I have is about $1000 invested through Fundrise. 

I was wondering where I can learn more about investing in Real Estate and some resources that can help me out with that. I know I can’t do much right now with my situation but I would still like to get more of a foot in the door. I am hoping in a few years on buying some sort of property to live in and start a family and if possible also get more into real estate investing. 

I heard about an about called RoofStock which is like Fundrise but more direct. Ultimately it would be nice to actively invest more. 

Anywhere I should start? 

@Arturo Ortiz I would listen to all of the BP podcasts from the start and also read all of the BP published books. Along with that there are a few other good books on RE Investing you can buy on Amazon. If you can, I'd start out by house hacking with your limited funds to get rid of that housing payment so you can start saving quicker. It will greatly accelerate your savings rate so you can proceed to buy additional properties more quickly.  

Thank you! I just learned about the concept of house jacking. That is something I will definitely learn more about especially as I am planning on moving out and getting my own place soon. 

P.S. I accidentally duplicated the last post. There was a glitch with either my phone or the website.