Investment Advice - Flipping around Foxboro MA

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Hi All,

I'm looking for general advice about investing, specifically flipping in the areas surrounding Foxboro, MA.  I'm especially interested in the lower barrier surrounding towns like Millville, Woonsocket, Taunton, etc...

My working plan is to do a small flip 1000 - 1300 sq. ft. with a hard-money loan. I have capital saved, and I'd look to either flip or BRRRR. I'm avoiding turn-key because I'd like to recycle the money asap.

I'm considering working with a partner, so finding like-minded investors in the area is a high priority.  I've checked "Meetup", and I see a few Boston area real estate meetings.

Does anyone know of additional real estate meetings in the area?

Thank you!


Hey William! I am a young investor who’s looking to get started; I don’t have much capital, but I do have the time and knowledge/hustle. I live in Taunton and would love to devote as much time as I can. Let’s connect!