Getting Degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management?

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Hey guys, thank you for stopping by to read this. For one, I am a complete newbie regarding real estate. But on to the topic of my post. I am a Navy Veteran and I still have about a year left of paid schooling as well as a monthly housing stipend available to me to use. I am debating on attending my local community college here by Detroit and getting my ABA in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. I am also looking at getting my real estate agent license as well. For those of you that have been in the industry for a while, do you think that would be a good idea? Would that greatly enhance my ability/knowledge/skillset in order to prosper in the realm of real estate? Or are there better options out there? 

Thank you for any/all replies/comments/advice you are able to provide.

@Chelsea Broersma  Hi! I am currently in the entrepreneurship and small business management program with Northern Arizona University. I highly recommend the program if it's offered! I started at NAU with a generic business administration major but when I switched to their online campus, I chose the ent & small business management plan since I knew I wanted to start my own business. 

I am currently taking Negotiations, Team and Project Management, and Small Business Marketing. What I am learning in those classes, I am directly applying to my business and it's great! I read a chapter and think about how I can use that in my business and there's nothing that isn't irrelevant to our businesses. Based on what I've been learning, I have a running list of things that can be implemented in my business. With the degree program, it won't have anything to do with real estate (although Negotiations is highly relevant to real estate), it makes it a whole lot easier to run a business when you know the requirements needed to successfully plan and run one.  

Let me know if you have any questions!!

@Jazmine Bryant Hi back! Thank you for taking the time to reply. Congratulations on working on your own ent & small business degree! It definitely sounds like something I will want to pursue then. For me, I also feel like the structure of a degree program, especially in ent & small business, would help me alongside studying everything I can about real estate. Right now, even with all the resources that BP provides, I feel a bit lost in all the knowledge/expertise available to me. 

I started out with the idea for wholesaling (yes, simply because I have very little capital to work with right now) and wholetaling (I love the idea of doing some work on a property to make it more presentable being selling it to a fix & flip specialist). But I'm unsure as to whether that really would be a good route to go starting out. Seems like a lot of people have said that's actually one of the more difficult places to begin.

There's so much to learn, I'm starting to feel like a neurotic sponge at this point! 

@Chelsea Broersma Same here! I started my company a month and a half ago! My business partner and I are also starting out with wholesaling however we like the idea of wholetailing as well. Once we have a few deals under our belt, we will be using that money for a down payment on a fix and flip and then a  rental property 

@Jazmine Bryant Glad to know I am not the only one! :) How did you end up obtaining a partner, if you don't mind my asking? I am signed up for a few meetups in my area for next week, and hope to network quite a bit through that and online connections, such as BP as well. Sounds like you have a great business plan put together. What got you into wholesaling? Considering it's such a controversial "RE guru" concept/debate around this industry. I mean, I'm willing to put in the work involved (though the whole marketing piece I am struggling with figuring out the "right" plan to pursue). To open a whole other can of worms, I'm also planning to obtain my RE license. As a newbie, I feel like it would be of benefit. Maybe not for a RE veteran, but I feel like the information and networking and resources could end up being priceless, for me at least.

My business partner is my boyfriend. I met him at a previous job and we clicked over our passion for being entrepreneurs. We got started by going to Than Merril's real estate free day event and then went to his 3 day event. We couldn't afford his packages and we had recently found Bigger Pockets and we knew we wanted to put in the work to grow our business instead of being handed a business model. Very true about the license. Daniel, my partner, is going to get his license soon and I have plans to get mine in my second year of doing this.