General Calculator questions, questions, questions...

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Newbie, getting ready for first deal.

Does the Pro membership allow you to save the actual data in a calculator so you can come back and edit later? Also, can you transfer data between calculators so you can compare buy and hold vs BRRRR without retyping all the data?

Now for target numbers. 

Buy & Hold, on a webinar Brandon stated he ususally looks for single family with $200 cash flow and 12% CoC. Should target be any different for a duplex?

For BRRRR, my guess is the main goal should be desired cash flow, around $200 and getting ideally all the money back out.

What else should I be considering?

The pro calculators let you save the data and come back to it anytime you want. They are very useful. In terms of transfer I don't think you can do that but filling them up is not so hard and should be pretty easy to compare a BRRRR vs a rental property.

For multi units you should be targeting about $100 per unit and just take into account that cash flow is not everything so look at how to balance ROI with cash flow.

One thing to consider is appraisal in your area. Make sure you rehab to what an appraisal would consider worth it. Some areas adding sq ft is what matters