I'd Like To Provide Value To A Small Group Of Newbies Like Myself

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post on Bigger Pockets after doing a lot of reading.  The quick summary on me is that after discovering and jumping into Real Estate, I've quickly become addicted and am excited to continue learning as I go.  I'm in the middle of my first flip in the Tampa area, and so far everything is looking good.  Even this first project has taught me so much and helped me start growing a team that I plan to use to expand quickly.

I believe that there's no better way to learn something to the point of it becoming complete second nature than to teach the topic.  So that's what I'm looking to do!  I don't and won't claim to be a guru or expert by any means, which is why I'd like to start by helping those who are still new or looking to get started.  

I'd love to get a small group together that will serve multiple purposes.  The most powerful of those purposes will be accountability.  Setting goals or talking about where we want to go and how long it might take to get there.  I want to be of any resource I can to help with those goals.  We'll talk about what we're looking to do with Real Estate, and benefit from having a couple extra people with ears up if they hear something related to what others are trying to do. One of my stronger qualities is the financial side. I'd also like to start creating content, so I'll be planning to ask about different ideas, concepts, or topics that would be interesting to know more about.  Then I'll post what I know or post after doing some more research on the topic.

If you're interested, please reach out! I don't plan on starting with a large group to keep within my time commitment available and keep the personal touch.

See you on the other side,


Hey Brayden,

I think what you are doing is a great way to "pay it forward", so many people need advice and help when starting out.  I would love to find a way that I could be a part of your vision.  Best of Luck! 


@Account Closed This is a great idea man! I would definitely love to be involved in this group. I am working toward my first "on purpose" buy and hold rental deal and having a group like that ("mastermind group" if you will) would really help to hold everyone accountable like you said. With a military background and an eagerness to soak up all I have been able to through books and podcasts, I would hope to have something to offer. And with where you are in your process, I know you would have plenty to teach.