Airbnb techniques I’ve been thinking about

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Hey guys, 

So I recently have been doing a lot more research on Airbnbs and it seems very profitable. I wanted to run by these two strategies I've been thinking about and see what people thought or if they're a bad idea. So I've been flipping houses so far and I am in the middle of a flip right now. i was thinking that when the house is finished and I get it under contract I could airbnb the house so I could make some money instead during that 30 day closing period instead of waiting and not making anything. thats one idea. the other is the BRRRR method but with Airbnb instead of renting. Airbnb seems much more profitable than just renting so with the profit margin increase I feel like buying one house at a time and airbnbing them all would be a very successful way to go. let me know any thoughts or advice thank you!

Hey @Felix L Perez ,

Congratulations on all of your flips! That is pretty awesome. 

I think that doesn't sound like a bad idea at all, assuming there is a demand for airbnb in your market and that regulations are in your favor. 

I have seen other investors post in the forums about doing the BRRRR strategy but using airbnb instead so maybe check in with them to see how it worked out!

Best of luck! 

@Felix L Perez

Sounds risky. If a guest trashes the house during escrow, then you'll likely lose the sale as the buyer would back out as the home would not be in an acceptable condition. I respect the idea of squeezing every penny out of property, but no need to be greedy and as the saying goes, "Pigs get slaughtered". Don't step over dollars to pick up pennies.