Real estate agents working with investors

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Whats going on BP, I am looking to network with agents who work with investors and I found that there arent many in my market that are actively posting or talking here on BiggerPockets. So, I come here to seek some advice. What would you say is the best way to find hard working agents that I can form a relationship with and make my funnel of leads bigger. I know I will have to provide value and of course give to receive but I am really just looking to see the creative ways that people network or peak the interest of agents that are knowledgeable in what investors today are looking for. Are there specific qualifying question you MUST ask every agent so I am not wasting time with the ones not performing who might be an agent as a part time hustle?

Hi Garette, it's so exciting to connect with an investor from the same town! The talk of your struggle to find an agent investor definitely resonated with me. I am an active buy and hold investor myself and specifically work with investors of all types including residential and commercial. My goal is to provide you with all the resources needed during the transaction. From contractors, counseling, due diligence, investor analysis, title, mortgage broker etc. I would love to discuss your goals as an investor. Welcome to Real Estate!