Driving for Dollars in Maple Grove

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Hi BP!

I am currently rehabbing a home that will give me a ARV of 385-400K. The neighborhood has some positive activity and has a younger demographic doing some similar rehab work. Currently the neighborhood is selling between 320K-410K. We started our rehab in the spring and I have been watching a house become more distressed each day (no signs of life for months). I am thinking it could be an excellent flip or BRRR property.

What do I do next? Who do I talk to? What is the strategy behind driving for dollars!


Hey Jared! Depending on the City, there may be a tax lookup website available to see who pays the taxes on that property. From there, you could try mailing the owner (if the location is different from the physical address). You could also try looking up the LLC (if owned under one) and see if there is a phone number listed there. Or, have you knocked on the door and asked whoever lives there who the owner is and if they might be interested in selling?