I am a beginner REI and very interested in house hacking as my first step into the business. As a typical millennials I still live at home with my parents with some student debt, about $34k remaining.

House hacking seems like a good start; I get a place of my own for very little money or free. I live on Long Island, NY where the median house cost is $350-500k depending on which county and high taxes, $10k+.

I have been looking at mobile homes because it seems like a better deal, ya know. I can get a new 4 bd 2 ba m. Home for $150k instead of a total redo 3 bd 1 ba for the same price if not more.

Has anyone else had success house hacking in the area, what area did you look in or did you look into mobile parks? What price where you looking for?

I am also interested in making networking connections, I am very interested in learning more about the business. While I have limited funds, I have time in exchange for education

Thank you! :)