Newbie willing to learn. Getting my GC liecense soon!

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Hello everyone, I’m 22 years old with 4 years of commercial construction experience under my belt. I work with concrete, but I’m good with my hands and willing to do anything to get a mentor in this real estate investing Buisness. I’m from the Tampa Florida area and would like to open my opportunity’s ASAP. I’ll be getting my general contractor license soon so I’ll have something to bring to the table as well.

Congrats on getting your general contracting licenses, Moises!  I'm not in Tampa, but I highly suggest going to a few local meetups with other investors in your area.  We have a shortage of general contractors and all of our investors are constantly trying to meet new contractors to help with their projects.  Try going to > Network > Events and typing in your zip code.  

My life has completely changed from local meetups here in my area because I was able to meet other awesome investors who have helped guide me to landing my first rental property.  

You'll meet so many great people by meeting in your local groups and potentially find life-long customers for your GC business!

Hi guys my name is Amaan Shaikh, I’m a fresh graduate from University of South Florida in Tampa,Florida. I majored in health sciences and got into DPT school and found out it was not for me at all. I’m looking to get on another path of getting my GC license in the next 3-4 years. To do this I need to get experience and learn under a current GC with 4+ years of experience, does anyone have any advice of how to go about getting this done or know any GC’s in the Tampa Bay Area that would be willing to take a complete newbie under their wing.