How did you figure out your first SPECIFIC business plan?

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Have done the research on wholesaling and fix and flips, ect. Real estate investments. But can't even network without a professional registered buisness name/card, and to get that I need a specific buisness plan? How do I even start? What do I need to ask myself? I know I want to start small with single family homes, but where do I go from there? Do I need to crunch specific numbers? The plan is to someday run my very own plaza hotel, have multiple units/homes owned for incoming cash flow and open a couple of other buisnesses other than real estate. How much more specific do I need to be? Or am I getting it wrong and need to plan plain and simple? Help please. I'm at the start of my success story.

@Winnie Rim Start educating yourself and read beginner's books. One of the first things they talk about is goal setting and painting a clear picture of what you want. Then back into that with smaller goals based in the timeframe you want to achieve the larger goal in. Start with a big visión, a clear one, then back into how to achieve a small part of it, today. In Financial freedom with Real Estate Investing by Michael Blank, he walks through this exercise specifically. Good luck!