Rural area rental investing

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Have you had experience in renting properties in rural countryside. I am in the military and wish to rent our current house when we leave. We live in a very rural area.

Will the property cash-flow? If not I'd list the house and sell in the spring. Maybe a friendly neighbor could be the PM. That could be extremely helpful if you want to landlord. 

@Craig Story I am in the military as well (currently stationed in England) and many of my current investments are in rural Missouri. In those rural communities that I invest in there is a high demand for rentals, however the rents are significantly less than suburban areas, so we know that there are specific types of properties and price ranges that are likely to be profitable. As @Jaron Walling mentioned, it's important to do the analysis to ensure it cash flows. I will highlight that having a team in rural areas (depending on how rural) can be challenging. I benefit from some partners living close to our properties, however property management, contractors, etc can be more challenging to come by in rural areas so look into property management or available contractors in making your decision.