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I've been spending the past year and a half researching real estate, trying to read as many books, watch as many videos, and talk to as many people as I can about the topic. I am currently in college, age 21, but my goal is to be financially independent by the time I am 30 (at a younger age would be happily accepted as well). I am still highly motivated in learning about the topic, but for now I feel I have to wait to graduate from college first before I dive into it, though I have been debating house-hacking as of lately..

I was just looking to hear of other people's success stories at a younger age, doesn't have to necessarily be someone who went to college, just trying to make sure that I am doing everything I can right now to be at least somewhat prepared once I graduate to dive into real estate.


p.s. - I know you can never know everything and I understand mistakes are a huge part in growth, I just don't want to regret having not spent time learning/doing something before I get into the RE world.

I just turned 30 over the summer. That time from 21 to 30 goes QUICK. My best advice is you take action daily. Take the advice "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" and do not spend time with people who hold you back from success. Go to as many local real estate networking events as you can get to. If you don't let your age hold you back, other people won't be able to hold you back with it, either.

Taylor L.,

I appreciate the advice! I have definitely been slacking the networking world. I went to a few local meet ups but have prioritized my time the way that I should be to make more of them.

It seems like everyone says this decade of my life will go quick, so I believe you 100%. I plan on setting a goal of where I want to be financially by the time I'm 30 to really help guide me in the RE journey.

Thanks again for the help. I've been taking note of who I have been hanging around as well and so far it has been the right crowd.

Josh Cummings

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