Syndication and rentals

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@Pushapdeep Brar If you don't find anything on the app, you may want to look into RIA meetings as they have more established groups nationwide. My experience is that BP meet-ups are stronger back east but more limited along the west coast. There are only a few in Washington so I'm attempting to start one in my own area later in the month. You may want to consider doing the same thing.

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@Pushapdeep Brar

If you're new to real estate, then start by educating yourself through books, podcasts and networking via REI clubs. If you'd like learn about syndications, then check out "it's a whole new world" by Gene Trowbridge and "Best ever syndication book" by Theo Hicks and Joe Fearless. Also there's a podcast on syndications by Whitney Sewell.

Thank you everyone. @roni eliason I did sign up for meetup app and already talking to people. Thank you for letting me know about it. 

@gabriel graumann and @alina trigub thank you so much. I will look into local REI clubs. And I will be getting those books as well. Thank you so much!