Does the 50% rule apply to owner occupied properties?

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Im looking to purchase my first unit and would like to house hack. The unit im considering does not meet the 50% rule standard while I occupyit but would meet it when both units are renting. Is this a bad investment?

We need a lot more info to help you determine if this is a good or bad investment, @Nicholas Standford . The fact that it will hit the 50% rule when a pure investment property means it's worth exploring further. If you post all of your numbers, the community will be happy to weigh in.

@Jaysen Medhurst i appreciate the response and youre definitely right, more info is needed. Thankfully though I backed out of the unit i was considering after finding out more about out, too much work for this newbie. When i find a different one I will send you my numbers, any input would be appreciated.