VA vs. FHA Which loan to use?

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I have currently been approved for a loan with better mortgage, but I am also serving in the military. Currently, I am deployed, but I am looking to invest in my first house hack. I will be talking to a loan officer with the VA loan shortly. I want to know the opinion of the community on which loan I should focus on using for the house hack. FHA with better mortgage or VA? Thank you.

@Everett Morris VA all day long. You have an amazing benefit, use it!

Use FHA for #2, or even #3 if you can use bonus entitlement to use VA on #2 also. If you don't know what that means, you're working with the wrong loan officer. Make sure to align yourself with a rockstar LO that is looking out for your best interests and REI strategy, not some call center order taker.

TYFYS and best of luck!

@Matthew Meikle It sounds great! One of the problems that I am running into is the properties themselves. I am looking for properties that requires rehab. The VA loan has certain inspection requirements with that. How should I go about that? Is there a certain level of rehab I should look at so I can stay within the limits?

@Zack Karp I would love your opinion on this too!