Hi BP family, 

hope all is well. I have been in the process of gathering data to build a property investment model with one of my buddies. Our thought process so far has been to collect average sales price and rental rates from zillow by zip code for varying size units across Long Island and the NYC metro area. That was no problem and we have already begun working out our model. In order to more accurately find inputs for our expenses we were hoping to find a way to compile and download average property appreciation, taxes, insurance, water, waste, electric etc..by zip code to an excel csv file. 

I have asked around to a couple of friends and people in the industry and while I know I can go on MLS this would be a very laborous process as I am limited to searching 3 zip codes at a time and the data is not convertible to csv, wich means even more manual input.

Additionally, is anybody aware of any resources available that may go even a step further such as landscaping, legal fees, etc...

First time poster and happy to start being more engaged hoping to get a lot out of this forum, thanks for any help! 

My thanks in advance.