I need a wholesale purchase sale agreement

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@Austin Lee use the TREC 1-4 for the purchase. The assignment document can be very generic. You can find one online or more than likely ask the title company you are using if they have one you can use.

Good luck!

@Austin Lee the best option is to get with the Title company (or companies) you will be using. My Title Company in Nashville prefers that I use one of their contracts for wholesaling instead of the official 14 page long generic contract. My contract is two pages long and works much better with sellers and the Title Company.

@colbyhager is right in that in Texas you really want to stick with promulgated forms, unless you have a very specific reason not to, and then get your lawyer involved. I've never assigned a contract before, but from my understanding, you can add the language "or assigns" to the buyer. Double-check that, though; I'm not a lawyer.