Newbie investor - Hello πŸ‘‹

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Hello BP, I'm a California resident and new to the awesome BP community. I'm looking forward and excited to get started with investing in rental properties (mostly targeting cash flow) but have not been able to take the first step by investing. Have been reading tons of posts here on BP and exploring MLS listings. But they all make me more confused about where to invest.

I sometimes feel investing locally is the best approach to get started but local market doesn't seem to support positive cash flow (or are there people making money here?)

What are some of the cities you'd suggest for a newbie investor? I've done basic market research on Memphis, Dallas, Arlington TX, Orlando FL, cities in California.

@Yesh Ravi I currently live in Orlando Florida and have found quite a few properties that would be a great ROI. I personally have not invested in any properties but looking to get started as well. I have a background in PM and Commercial Real Estate. I don't have the capital quite yet to invest but I have the skills / knowledge/ and connections to hit the ground running with the right investor. Let's connect if you are interested!

Orlando is a great market to invest in. Just don't look for something with a 1% rule as you won't find that in an appreciating market like Orlando. That rule stopped working 4 years ago but rates are so low and rents and appreciation are so strong it's still worth investing. PM me if you would like to discuss in further detail